dumplings, purse snatching and assualt: san gabriel mayor albert huang resigns

I guess this doesn't come as much of a surprise... San Gabriel Mayor Albert Y.M. Huang, who was arrested last week after a crazy purse-snatching altercation -- Huang, the snatcher -- with a woman outside a restaurant, has resigned from his post as well as the San Gabriel City Council: San Gabriel Mayor Albert Huang resigns.

In an emotional news conference at his lawyer's office in Rosemead, Huang, 35, spoke in English and Chinese to a throng of press. "The unwanted media attention from this private occurrence has greatly affected my family," he said. "It's a tough decision we, as elected officials, have to make."

Huang, who is separated from his wife, Maryann Chen, did not mention the imbroglio with an unidentified woman that started at New Taste Dumpling House in San Gabriel and ended with him arrested on suspicion of felony robbery and assault. He has not been formally charged.

Huang and the woman reportedly started arguing after arriving at the restaurant around 1 a.m. The argument escalated into a food fight when she threw a steamer of dumplings at him and he threw vinegar at her.

Huang took the woman's purse and, according to police, tried to leave in the woman's SUV. They scuffled at the car and Huang got out of her car and into his. She tried to prevent him from driving off by standing on the running board of Huang's SUV and hanging on as he drove away, reaching a speed of 45 miles per hour before a security guard from a local business could stop him.
As crazy as this incident sounds (a "great misunderstanding between friends," according to Huang), we've seen politicians bounce back from scandals nowhere near as bad as this. But Huang says he is stepping down for the sake of his family.

And I don't care what kind of "misunderstanding" we're talking about here -- mayor or not, it's just going to be really hard to satisfactorily explain why you threw vinegar at a "friend," took her purse, then cruised away at 45 miles per hour... while she hung on to the side of your SUV. More here: San Gabriel mayor steps down following arrest.

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