kickstarter: aaww presents page turner 2010

The Asian American Writers' Workshop is proud to present its annual book bash, Page Turner: The Asian American Literary Festival, a fun, brainy and eclectic celebration of the best minds in Asian American artsna dn politics. It's happening Sunday, November 7 at powerHouse Books in Brooklyn.

But in order for it to come together, the Workshop is calling on committed, generous patrons of the arts like you to help make Page Turner the amazing, ambitious event it deserves to be. Thus, they've set up a Kickstarter page.

The Asian American Writers' Workshop is proud to present PAGE TURNER: The Asian American Literary Festival. Our book bash is like the ideal girlfriend or boyfriend: that hot unabashedly lefty braniac with an awesome sense of humor and a great heart. The only event of its kind, PAGE TURNER celebrates the stories and ideas of the Asian American literary community. We invite readers and writers of all backgrounds to come hear the brightest voices of American writing, politics and comedy: Ha Jin, Richard Price, Susan Choi, Monica Youn, Jennifer 8 Lee, Tao Lin, Tim Wu, Hari Kunzru, Das Racist, Hari Kondabolu, and nearly thirty other writers. We're like the TED of Asian American literature, but with more booze and better battle rhymes!

Your investment will determine how big and ambitious we can make the celebration, how many underrepresented writers we can bring to the center of American letters this year. By creating an Asian American intellectual space that does not currently exist, PAGE TURNER shows that Asian American literature is alive. By committing to PAGE TURNER, you will send a message that says that you believe in the Pulitzer Prize winners of the future--and that you believe in nurturing the writers who will tell our childrens' story and that of their children. Help inspire future generations and ensure that they too will know that their stories matter and deserve to be told.
Lots of neat rewards and incentives for everyone who donates, even just a little. Prizes include lunch at Google, a manuscript consultation by a William Morris agent, a handmade zine by Hua Hsu, a personalized ukulele song by Jen Kwok, and many others.

The reward I'm digging the most? Walking tours of New York Chinatown street food with Jennifer 8. Lee -- for $88. And it's for a great cause. To pledge, to to AAWW's Kickstarter page here. To learn more about Page Turner, go to the AAWW's website here and the festival website here.

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