nbc's the marriage ref looking for asian american couples

Calling all married couples out there. Do you have a squabble that needs some settling? I recently heard from a casting associate for NBC's The Marriage Ref. They're casting for the show's second season and are apparently trying hard to focus on diversity. Here's some of the information that was passed along to me:

- The Marriage Ref is a show about couples that get into funny, quirky squabbles. A celebrity panel comments on the conflict and decides who is right vs. who's wrong. This is a funny, very light hearted show. We want the couples to have bragging rights and a fun experience.

- Jerry Seinfeld is the Executive Producer of the show and comedian Tom Papa is the host. It came on Thursday nights at 9pm when the first season premiered. The second season that we are currently casting for will premiere early next year.

- We are seeking funny, married couples with big personalities throughout the United States. We want quirky, specific topics that are discussed, here are some examples at this link: http://www.nbc.com/the-marriage-ref/episode-guide/

- If a couple is selected for the show:
1. They get a $1500 wardrobe stipend they can spend on whatever they want
2. A second honeymoon
3. The possibility of winning $25,000. Out of the three couples featured on each episode, one spouse is deemed the most right
and they get the $25,000 prize.
4. The "most right" spouse also gets a billboard saying "I am right" with the Marriage Ref Logo

- This season there is a HUGE focus on diversity. We really want to represent Asian, Latino, African-American and same sex couples. Heterosexual couples are required to be married in order to apply but same sex couples just need to have a long term commitment that resembles a marriage.
I've seen the show, and it's mildly amusing. I appreciate the fact that they're actively trying to find more people of color on the show... though let's face, I imagine most couples are probably reluctant to air out their crazy.

Then again, we all need a celebrity panel to settle a disagreement every now and then, and no couple is perfect -- Asians included. So if you and your spouse are interested in being on the show, follow the directions on the flyer above.

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