new music: "big bank hank" by blue scholars

Man, I love Blue Scholars. Every time they send along an email with a new free music download, I gobble the track up like somebody's passing out free candy. Here's the latest: "Big Bank Hank." Along with the usual rambling -- yet amusing -- explanation of how the track came together:

Occasionally, Geo and I find ourselves stuck in these phases of indecision.

In the studio (also known as my brother's video editing room) we were wrapping up a new cut for release on the iNtErnetZ and, for whatever reason, were completely unable to come up with a hook for it. The beat was done, the verses were done, but alas, no hook.

Now, I'm not saying we didn't have ideas. We did. Plenty. But they were just a whole bunch of whatever-blah-ideas and none were really anything we could decide on and polish. I was beginning to get annoyed.

I mean, we shouldn't be frustrated right? It's not like music is our job or anything...

Anyway, at some point Geo shrugs his shoulders, steps to the mic, and starts shouting "Watcha gon do today?"

I recorded it.

While I'm playing back the recording, he starts answering himself by shouting random stuff he plans to do that day. It was an odd choice, but I ended up recording that too.

When that take was finished, we played it back... kinda sat in silence for a second.. looked at each other... said something to the effect of "$@# it!" then hi-fived in a way that wasn't lame and went and got some Crispy Ginger Chicken at the Kauai Family Restaurant.

Did we finish the song? Yes.
Was the hook a good choice? I dunno.
Did the events described in this email really transpire exactly the way I said they did? Most likely not.
Funny. Blue Scholars are Sabzi and Geologic, and they are the real deal. To learn more about Blue Scholars and their music (including free downloads!), go their website here. And if you're in Seattle, be sure to check them out this Wednesday, October 20 at the City Arts Festival.

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