the pioneers of asian american hip hop

Hey, if you haven't heard, Far East Movement has arrived. They just released their kickass new album Free Wired, they're getting love from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Bun-B and 50 Cent, and "Like a G6" is a certified platinum hit. To paraphrase Notorious B.I.G., you never thought Asian American hip hop would take it this far.

But who are the Asian American hip hop pioneers who paved the way for FM? Oh yes, there have been quite few. They may not have charted quite as far as Far East Movement, but they had their share of firsts as well. So check it. Complex has put together a list of 8 Pioneers In Asian American Hip Hop.

It's a pretty decent list, though they've limited it to Asian American emcees, so I'd argue that there are a few glaring omissions. How about hip hop producers? DJs? They deserve a little space here too, don't they? Anyway, take a look at the list here. I'm generally not a fan of Complex, but they keep coming up with these lists, so I keep clicking.

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