political attack ad doesn't know the difference between china and san francisco

At first glance, it's just yet another political attack ad using China as a scapegoat. Rep. Zack Space (D-OH) recently tried to highlight Republican opponent Bob Gibbs' support for unfettered free trade deals, which of course leads to thousands of jobs lost to -- where else? -- China. But watch closely to see how this ad fails hard:

Wait... Why does Space's ad include a shot of (Asian) Americans celebrating in a Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco? That's some serious B-roll fail: Rep. Space Runs Ad Supposedly Depicting China With Video Of Asian Americans In San Francisco.
A recent ad sponsored by Space depicts a scene the narrator calls “China.” In fact, the scene from the ad appears to be a shot of Asian Americans celebrating in the Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco (00:23 in the video):

NARRATOR: We've lost 91,000 jobs to China through unfair trade deals like NAFTA - the kind of deals Gibbs wants more of.

GIBBS: I'm a free trader.

NARRATOR: 91,000 jobs. As they say in China, xie xie Mr. Gibbs!
Yup. You know that shot they use when the narrator says "...as they say in China..."? With the lion dancers? It's just a bunch of Asian American folks hanging out on Sutter Street in China. There's a damn H & M store in the background. Good ol' China. (Yes, I'm well aware that there are H & M stores in China. You get the idea.)

Whoever put this video together was being a lazy ass... or maybe it's just all the same to them. You know -- China, San Francisco. Lots of Orientals standing in a crowded place. Lion dancers, or some other kind of crazy Chinese thing. What's the difference?

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