president obama signs bill honoring world war II's japanese american soldiers

Today, President Barack Obama signed a bill granting the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest U.S. civilian honor, to members of renowened World War II units of Japanese American soldiers, the 100th Infantry Battalion and the 442nd Regimental Combat team: Obama to sign law honoring Japanese-American troops.

The law recognizes Nisei soldiers, Japanese-Americans born of immigrant parents who fought in Europe and Asia, even as their families were confined to internment camps in the United States during the war.

Most of the Nisei soldiers, from the 100th Infantry Battalion and the 442nd Regimental Combat team, were from Obama's native Hawaii.

The Congressional Gold Medal will be awarded to the soldiers collectively and will be put on display at the Cato Institute in Washington.

The units, known as the "Go for Broke" regiments, are among the most decorated in the United States military.
Here's the official text of the bill: 111th Congress (2009-2010) H.R.347.RFS. The Congressional Gold medal is alongside the President Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian medal awarded in the United States. These men have an incredible story, and decades later, it's still awesome to see them officially recognized for their valor.

UPDATE: Here's more about today's bill signing from The White House Blog: An Awe-Inspiring Chapter of America's History.

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