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Groupies, Sexed-Up Asians, Vengeful Sluts, And Feminist Killjoys - Meet The Women Of The Social Network: If you've seen The Social Network, then maybe you agree: this is an compelling, well-told story about really unlikeable fast-talking guys and the women -- particularly Asian women -- who stand next to them as props. Seriously, there are few women of substance in this movie.

Who's the Indian in The Social Network?: On the other hand, there are almost no Asian men in The Social Network. Hell, the lone Indian American character isn't even played by a South Asian actor. Harvard student Divya Narendra is played by not-Indian-at-all actor Max Minghella.

What Happened to All the South Asians in Hollywood? Sepia Mutiny further questions the casting of Max Minghella as Divya Narendra, especially considering that there are so many talented Indian American actors working in Hollywood. Can't a brown guy catch a break?

Writes of Passage: Noel Alumit: With the recent tragic news of suicides among gay youth, here's a piece Noel Alumit wrote for National Coming Out Month -- a message of comfort and encouragement to himself at age 17.

Asher Brown's Suicide Hits Home: Jen Wang of Disgrasian's haunting, beautifully-written reaction to the tragic death of 13-year-old Asher Brown, who committed suicide after facing constant bullying at school -- just a few miles away from where Jen herself grew up.

Only in the Midwest: Trying to line up stereotypes, cultural background, intuition and reality: Frances Kai-Hwa Wang's recent "Adventures in Multicultural Living" column recounts a bicycle ride, a stranger's act of kindness and a confrontation of her own stereotypical views.

Cover Story: Far East Movement: Give it up for our friends, Far East Movement, who are kicking ass, topping charts, and currently rocking the cover story in this month's issue of KoreAm.

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