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Exotic, Perilous, and Inscrutable: A History Of East Asian Portrayals in Comic Covers: This is a really interesting roundup of Asian characters (and general yellow perils) on comic book covers -- for better or for worse -- decade by decade since the 1930s.

Top 8 Halloween Costumes for Asian Americans: With Halloween coming up, Moye of 8 Asians has a funny post with some Asian-themed costume suggestions, from Tila Tequila to the bowl-cut Taiwanese Susan Boyle kid.

A Latino-Vietnamese "Race War" in Orange County? It's Just Politics: In Orange County, the Sanchez-Tran congressional race is notable because it features two candidates of color from a rapidly changing California suburb with large immigrant populations. And it comes with its own special kind of political mudslinging.

my long-winded rant on why I will continue to write about shy Asian characters: Here's a great blog entry by children's book author Grace Lin, who responded to a recent letter she received that was critical of one of the Asian American characters in her book Lissy's Friends.

Does It Really Get Better?: A Conscientious Critique: Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project is a really great effort, in theory, to give gay youth a message of hope, but here's one blogger who points out that the campaign also has its share of limitations.

Air Pollution: Is Not Flying a Solution? Sepia Mutiny has an interview with Anirvan Chatterjee and Barnali Ghosh, who devised and embarked on their Year of No Flying project, with the goal of traveling around the world without boarding a single airplane.

Side Hustle and Flow Interview Series: Carmen Sognonvi: Check out this interview with my friend Carmen Sognonvi on Escape from Cubicle Nation, talking about balancing her regular 9-to-5 day job with her side hustle... until her side hustle became her main hustle.

The Most Ridiculous (or Awesome) Edited-For-TV Movie Lines: And just for fun, over at You Offend Me You Offend My Family, Philip shares an awesome video of edited-for-TV movie lines. My all-time favorite is "Yipee ki-yay, Mr. Falcon," from Die Hard 2.

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