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Offensive (or Awesome) Halloween Costumes: KoreAm has compiled a funny post one some of the worst Halloween costume ideas out there. The photo above should give you the right idea.

Cease and Desist!: Ah, alas. My man Jerry Ma, who runs the superb t-shirt company Epic Proportions, talks about getting the dreaded cease and desist letter from Bruce Lee Enterprises demanding that he stop selling his Bruce Lee-inspired designs. So if you've got one... consider it a collector's item!

Five Otherwise 'Stereotypical' Films Made Better By An Asian Performance: Phil over YOMYOMF has put together another one of his great movie lists -- the movies might be crap, but Asian actors helped make them a little less crappy.

Getting Discriminated Against at Starbucks: When you're slapped in the face with a stupid, simple moment of ignorant-ass racism -- from a f@#king Starbucks employee -- speak up and don't let anyone get away with that kind of nonsense.

Girl+ Comedy: A Love Story: Comedian/actress Rasika Mathur, who can be seen in the indie feature film The Taqwacores, has a great guest post for the recently launched Poly Republic blog on being a performer... and loving it.

Randall Park's Coming Out Story: Actor Randall Park recounts the moment when he broke the shocking news to his parents -- "I AM AN ARTIST."

The Asian-American Republicans: The Hill's Pundit Blog makes the case that Asian Americans are a political force to be reckoned with, and "getting the Asian vote should be a strategic imperative for both parties. Right now, it seems that the Republicans are winning in that department."

Why Asian Americans Will Vote Democratic This November: Not so fast. Sorry, but you're "irrefutably mistaken," says Rep. Mike Honda, vice chair of the Democratic National Committee and chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus.

80-20 Initiative Idiocy: Marissa Lee blogs about why the 80-20 Initiative's endorsement of California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman (and "punishment" of opponent Jerry Brown) is absolutely idiotic.

Hate Crime For Rutgers Outers? The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund has launched a new blog with award-winning columnist Emil Guillermo. For his first post, he considers "Plug and Play" morality and possible hate crime enhancements against Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei.

Minorities pummeled by ethnic stereotypes at Halloween and election time: Frances Kai-Hwai Wang's latest "Adventures in Multicultural Living" column is all about costumes and campaign ads.

A teacher's reach: Andrew Lam of New American Media recalls entering junior high as a new immigrant from Vietnam, and the teacher who made a difference.

Hey Ajumma! is artist Jenny Yoo's "ongoing exploration of the Korean ajumma," creating clay figurines representing the ajumma stereotypes as part of her DIY Grad School thesis project. Funny.

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