send me your cool halloween costume photos

Okay. So Halloween is upon us. And every year, I write about all the obnoxious, awful racist Asian-themed costumes that are out there. I'm tired of that. I'd like to write about some of the cool ones.

Is it possible to do a cool/funny/tasteful Asian-themed costume? Yes. At very least, there are the crazy cute ones like the one above from Debbie, who submitted this photo of her daughter to SF Gate's parenting blog.

So if you (or your kids) have a super cool or cute costume for partying and/or trick or treating this weekend, please send in a photo. I'll post the best ones here next week. This is not a contest, and there's no prize. It's just fun.

(Honestly, my all-time favorite is MetroDad's daughter as the Underage Chinese Olympic Gymnast a few years ago, which was freaking hilarious).

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