t-shirt love: snake x peacock by inogu fabrics

Really digging this gorgeous design from Inogu Fabrics' recently launched fall line, "Beasts and Blossoms: Collection 1." Dude, it's peacock fighting a snake. That is cool. Here's a description of the shirt, from the Inogu website:
Snake X Peacock

In Esoteric Buddhist culture, the peacock has long been worshipped for its skillfulness against poisonous snakes. According to ancient Indian legend, upon meeting the snake, the peacock would fake fear and allow the snake to coil around it's feathered body. As the snake prepares to strike, the peacock spreads its wings and triumphantly sends the snake flying. An elegant bird's adept conquering of the universally feared serpent was likened to that of a beautiful women fighting off an evil beast. The charming story took strong roots in the development of Esoteric Buddhism and the peacock deity became an elaborate subject in Buddhist art. The engagement between such contrasting creatures is depicted here in their most basic forms.

Limited Quantities. 2 color print. Discharged water-based ink. 100% cotton slate jersey fabric.
Inogu Fabrics is a new clothing company that draws inspiration from Asian art history and myth for a contemporary audience. To the rest of the cool designs in the collection, go to the Inogu Fabrics website here.

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