the taqwacores opening in limited release, october 22

Check it out... Apple recently posted the theatrical trailer for The Taqwacores, which is getting a limited theatrical run from Strand Releasing. Based on the underground novel that defined a movement, and directed by Eyad Zahra, it's an eye-opening drama about the Muslim punk rock scene. Here's the synopsis:

Yusef is a first-generation Pakistani-American engineering student who moves off-campus with a group of Muslim punks in Buffalo, New York. His new "un-orthodox" housemates soon introduce him to Taqwacore - a hardcore, Muslim punk rock scene. As the seasons change, Taqwacore influences the house more and more. The living room becomes a mosque during the day, while it continues to host punk shows at night. Ultimately, Yusef begins to challenge his own faith and ideologies. A powerful and original story of punk Islam in the USA and the discovery of oneself within the confines of religion.
The movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to all kinds of great buzz. This month, it opens on October 22 at the Village East Cinema in New York and November 12 at the Sunset 5 in Los Angeles. Watch the trailer on Apple here. And for more information about the movie, go to the Taqwacores website here.

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