china underground film series, december 3-5

Hey, cinephiles. If you're in San Francisco this weekend, you should check out this first-of-its-kind film series, China Underground, focusing on the new Chinese independent film movement, presented by VIZ cinema and NEW PEOPLE, in association with dGenerate Films. It's happening December 3-5 at VIZ Cinema. Here are some more details:
China Underground Films

December 3-5

VIZ Cinema
1746 Post Street inside NEW PEOPLE building
San Francisco, CA

VIZ Cinema proudly presents "China Underground" showcasing acclaimed documentary films directly from China, which were made outside the system. Unauthorized, uncensored, underground, totally independent, and from a new generation of filmmakers in China!


Queer China, "Comrade" China
(Directed by Cui Zi’en. China, 2008. Documentary, 60 minutes, Mandarin w/ English subtitles)
12/3 (Fri) @ 7:00pm

Super, Girls!
(Directed by JIAN Yi. China, 2007. Documentary, 73 min. Mandarin w/ English subtitles)
12/4 (Sat) @ 1:00pm

Meishi Street
(Directed by OU Ning. China, 2006. Documentary, 85 min. Mandarin w/ English subtitles.)
12/4 (Sat) @ 2:45pm

(Directed by ZHOU Hao. China, 2008. Documentary, 105 minutes. Mandarin w/ English subtitles)
12/4 (Sat) @ 4:45pm

Ghost Town
(Directed by ZHAO Dayong. China, 2008. Documentary, 169 min. Mandarin, Nu, & Lisu w/ English subtitles)
12/4 (Sat) @ 7:15pm

(Directed by DU Haibin. China, 2009. Documentary, 117 min. Mandarin and Sichuan dialect w/ English subtitles)
12/5 (Sun) @ 1:00pm

Crime and Punishment
(Directed by ZHAO Liang. China, 2007, Documentary, 122 min. Mandarin w/ English subtitles)
12/5 (Sun) @ 3:30pm

Before the Flood
(Directed by LI Yifan and YAN Yu. China, 2005, Documentary, 147 min. Mandarin and Sichuan dialect w/ English subtitles)
12/5 (Sun) @ 6:00pm
This is your chance to see some really great, acclaimed documentary films from China, made outside the system, that you probably won't get a whole lot of chances to see elsewhere. For more information about China Underground, go to the New People website here, and the Facebook event page here.

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