free music: "give thanks" by kero one

In honor of Thanksgiving, one of my favorite emcees, Kero One, is offering a free MP3 download of his song "Give Thanks" off his first album Windows of the Soul. Doesn't matter where you are in life -- you do have something to be thankful for. Here are the lyrics:
[Verse 1: Kero One]
It's time to pump up the volume all you in the area
From suburbs, slums and ghettos through America
I'm here to break the barriers unify you and I
Cause under one God we all are humankind
No matter the race, creed, color, or state of mind
There's much to celebrate in this space and time
So I... deliver these rhymes to uplift the mind
Spirit and soul with every rhyme I unfold
And hold my head low and stay humble
Cause who knows what piece tomorrow will bring to the puzzle
I huddle my hands together and give praise
No matter the weather God's sun provides the rays
And lights the way through this desolate maze
Where the obstacles of life can leave your confidence dazed
But I maintain through strife struggle and strain
Gain character from persevering through pain
And it's strange how I've complained when others have had it worse
Lacking in understanding of the next mans hurt
But now I comprehend as I write this verse
So today I give thanks, "today ya giving what? "
So today I give praise, "Kero One say it again"
So today we rejoice as we spit these words

Saying... thanks, for the roof over our heads
As we rejoice, for every day that we're fed
We giving praise ya'll, to the creator above
For giving us hope in life and promoting the love
We give thanks, for the roof over our heads
As we rejoice, for every day that we're fed
We givin praise ya'll to the creator above
For givin us this chance to expand the love

[Verse 2: Niamaj]
The earth rapidly rotates at a miraculous rate
And we still seek to find the definition of appreciate
The gift of life is a gift in itself see
And this goes out to middle class broke and wealthy
I like to recognize all the things in my lifetime
Stayin alive or the ability to write rhymes
Uplift the mind through these treacherous times
I give props to all mighty cause the sun still shines
I walk the earth mad cool with a righteous attitude
Manifest my humbleness and express my gratitude
Realize the worth and quality of things that I got
Cause all things that you have kid you might have not
As I drop you say "word" but check the words that I say
Just like the Lord giveth he can taketh away
And today I take time to realize the strife
Of many people with they conflicts and difficult lives
Open your ears wide, I hope the message ya get
And if you're broke with no job or financially set let's correct
The issues at hand the moves we faking
And start demonstrating the love for appreciation
Like Mobb Deep we got ya stuck off the realness
And motivate so ya next to kin will feel this
We on drive ya best peel quick
Niamaj and Kero One's bout to tell ya what the deal is
Not to preach or bore ya with flows
Celebration is the key so the chorus it goes...

[Verse 3: Kero One & Niamaj]
We give thanks for the roof over our heads
And rejoice, for every day that we're fed
We give praise for good peoples around us
Uplifting the spirit let progression surround us
And count the blessings found in life's lessons
With every negative there's a positive message
So step in these shoes for just a few
They may fit snug, if so we're talking to you
Our story unfolds in a town with a beautiful view
Where money flows through pockets but people still feud
And closer to the ground, bums hunger for food
Embracing nickels of hope or pennies just for booze
While we view, the television we see
People at war with each other, themselves, and we
Dying by the thousands, how thankful we be
So I'm trying to keep it moving "cause there's a reason we're free"
I said we gotta keep it moving "there's a reason we're free"
Yo we trying to make moves "one time for ya mind"
I said we gotta keep it moving
So we find humility... and give thanks to thee.
Download the track for free here. For more information about Kero One and his music, check out his website here and visit his Facebook page here.

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