help sheri find a bone marrow match

Got word passed along to me about another community member who is in need of a bone marrow donor, so I'm just trying to help spread the word.

43-year-old Sheryl Chin Co was diagnosed with leukemia on September 27. Since then she's been going through intense chemotherapy treatment, and is need serious need of a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, her brother is not a perfect bone marrow match, so Sheryl will need to rely on the National Bone Marrow Registry to find her perfect match.

Here's a video one of her friends, Sabrina, made to encourage people to join the bone marrow registry -- Sheri's best chance for survival. Seriously, my Asian people, we are awesome at so many things, but we absolutely suck at being bone marrow donors. Register!

For more information on what you can do to help Sheri and her family (her husband Everett and three kids - ages 12, 10 and 7) go to her Facebook page: Bone Marrow Donor Search for Sheryl (Chin) Co. (Thanks, Nelson.)

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