music video: "name" by afterschoolspecial

Last Friday, I was in San Diego to help afterschoolspecial celebrate the release of their new album It's All In Your Head. The evening included guest performers IAMMEDIC, Paul Dateh, and Taiyo Na and Derek Kan of Magnetic North, and appearances by Bart and Joe of JustKiddingFilms and Phil of Wong Fu Productions. It was a hell of a night!

The show also featured the world premiere of afterschoolspecial's new music video for their single "Name" -- produced, directed and edited by the Wong Fu guys. It has now arrived fresh and new on the internets for everyone to enjoy. Take a look:

Featuring Paul Dateh, Angela Koh, Phil Lorenzo and some very powerful staplers. I'll admit, I have a bit of a soft spot for the song because this very blog actually gets name-checked in the lyrics. But either way, I enjoy the song and it's a fun video.

For more information on afterschoolspecial and their music, go to the band's Facebook page here and their YouTube channel here. And to purchase the single and/or the full album It's All In Your Head, go here.

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