schema magazine's balikbayan travel writing contest

Hey, Canada! Here's a cool writing opportunity for second and third generation Canadians... Schema Magazine invites you to share your experiences as a cultural navigator in BalikBayan, their first ever travel writing contest. Here's some more information:

As technology advances and the world becomes smaller, we are becoming as a nation, increasingly sophisticated and diverse. In this new global landscape, few understand this international perspective as much as Schema Magazine. As one of Canada's premiere sources for "ethnic cool," Schema has been making waves with its coverage of pop culture news, feature interviews, and perspectives that speak to the minds of the new multicultural generation of Canadians. With its popular in-depth feature series, "But Where Are You Really From?" Schema asked readers to describe their experiences defining their identities. Now, Schema seeks to probe further into the quest for cultural definition, by hosting Balikbayan, Schema's first-ever travel writing contest!

In partnership with Dot Asia, Schema invites its Canadian readers to answer this thought-provoking question:

"As a second or third generation Canadian, how has international travel to your country of cultural origin changed your worldview?"

Entrants are asked to submit a 500 - 1500 written submission, photo journal or video describing how their recent travel experiences, or recent connection to their own sense of culture (however multi-layered that might be) have inspired them, changed the way they look at the world, and how they have brought that back to life in Canada as a result.

Winning entries will be published on Schema, with the grand prize winner receiving up to $500 in cash prizes and a free Dot Asia domain name for two years! Schema will be taking submissions until November 16, 2010. Please send submissions to submit@schemamag.ca
What the heck is a Balikbayana? Go here. The submission deadline was recently extended to November 16, so you've got a little bit of time. For more information about the call for submissions, guidelines, and full contest rules, go to the Schema website here.

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