surprise, surprise: facebook founder, circa 2003, was into coding, guitar... and asian girls

I suppose this isn't really surprising... Gawker points us to this Friendster profile, established in 2003, of now-famous (and ridiculously rich) Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who lists "Asian girls" among other things, under "What I enjoy doing": When Facebook CEO's Was Publicly Obsessed with 'Asian Girls.'

his younger Zuckerberg listed "Asian girls" amid other interests like programming, playing guitar, quoting Top Gun and "defeating nemeses." It's unlikely Zuckerberg's present girlfriend, medical school student and fellow Harvard alum Pricilla Chan, would have found that bit of naked fetishization particularly charming, even accounting for the fact that it was likely posted under the heading "interests" rather than the field's new title, "What I enjoy doing," which renders the dating preference even cruder. Luckily for Zuckerberg, by the time he met Chan Friendster was already passé.
Never mind that you haven't logged into your Friendster account in, like, five years. All evidence, including the other "friends" the profile is connected to, seems to suggest that this is the real deal -- the actual Friendster profile of 2003 future billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. And he was kind of a dork.

Suddenly, all that crazy yellow fever Asian girl fetish bullshit in The Social Network makes so much more sense.

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