angry gift guide: sulu pour homme

Boldly go! With the fragrance every man needs to live a life of awesomeness. With Sulu Pour Homme, you'll always be ready for action. This is not a joke! This is an actual fragrance from Genki Wear. Here's the description:
Sulu Pour Homme, or Sulu For Men for those who are French-impaired, is the perfect cologne for the man who does everything, whether that be cataloguing exotic plants, collecting antique firearms, or piloting ancient helicopters and advanced starships. It's more than just choosing to live your life with style; Sulu dives straight to the soul and allows you to release your own Intergalactic Man of Mystery. That jaunty, fearless swashbuckler of a man who, whether he's wielding a rapier in a swordfight or commanding an Excelsior-class starship, is always ready for action. Oh, my!
You're damn right they made a Sulu cologne! One of several in a line of Star Trek-theme fragrances. For when your geekdom goes to the greatest of extremes. Unfortunately, this won't be available until January 2011, but you can certainly put it on your wish list for next year. Excelsior!

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