the brothers mario trailer: super mario bros. re-imagined via grand theft auto

"Don't bring a hammer to a gun fight!" This is pretty damn brilliant... The Brothers Mario, a fake trailer directed by Nathan Kitada and Aaron T. Umetani, aka The Country Club. Imagine the simple blips and boops of Super Mario Bros. re-interpreted in the gritty style of Grand Theft Auto. That's exactly what this is, and it's amazing:

It helps to be familiar with both games -- especially Super Mario -- to get all the jokes. It's got all the usual suspects: King Koopa, the Goombas, Toad, Yoshi... And Mario's fireball -- re-imagined as a Molotov cocktail (note the Fire Flower label) -- is friggin' genius.

I'd play this game. And this is a Super Mario Bros. movie I'd like to see! Not the crappy 1993 live-action travesty starring Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo. For more from Nathan Kitada and Aaron T. Umetani, go to the The Country Club's YouTube channel here.

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