casting calls: morse code and love ny/thievery

Got a couple of casting calls passed along to me the other day, for two short films looking for actors. This one's for Morse Code, shooting next month in New York:
Directed by Qing Mei
Shoot: in NYC at the end of January

A sensitive Asian girl who communicates through Morse Code finds her life has been changed by some stranger who returns her messages.

LISA - Female, Asian - 17-19 yrs, medium height. Lisa is shy and a bit of a loner. A somewhat awkward teen, she expresses herself by tapping Morse code on the wall of her room

ANDY - Male, Asian - 18 -20 yrs, handsome. An extroverted and forthright guy. He was a neighbor of Lisa's family in LA. and acts very gentle towards her.

JO - Female: Asian - 18-20 - Sporty physique, medium height, a smart and superciliousness girl. A control freak who tries her best to become the girlfriend of Andy.

AUNT ANNIE - Female, Asian - 40-50 -Aunt Annie is a traditional, grumpy housewife. Used to life without a husband.

WOMAN 1 - Female, Asian-over 25- Aunt Annie's neighbor
WOMAN 2 - Female, Asian-over 25- Aunt Annie's neighbor
WOMAN 3 - Female, Asian-over 25- Aunt Annie's neighbor
MAN - Male, Asian-over 25- Aunt Annie's neighbor
MAN 1 - Male, Asian-over 25- Aunt Annie's neighbor

If interested please contact Qing Mei at meim20001@gmail.com
This one's for Love NY/Thievery, a two part short film shooting January through June 2011 in New York. Here are some more details:
SAG short film agreement

Producer: Jonathan Hsu, Matthew D'Amato (www.HsuboxProductions.com)
Director: Vincent Lin (see recent film: Click Here)
DP: Jack Lam
Interview Dates: December/January

Two part short film begin shooting from Jan-June 2011 in NY .

Part 1 - Love NY is a romantic comedy about a down and out bar owner who has a chance encounter with a foreign woman. Through their interactions in the course of a day, they learn more about each other and offer each other escape.

JOHN - Male / 25-30 yrs. / Asian American. John is the bar owner in Love NY. He is charming, good looking, a little distressed with his current position in life and tired of the redundancy, a little cynical, but witty and humorous. Must speak fluent English.

JOY - Female / 25-30 yrs. / Asian. Joy is the female lead in Love NY. She speaks only a handful of words in English and has a strong native accent. She is attractive, spunky, and quirky. She is confident and adventurous.

Part 2 - Thievery is a comedy that takes place in middle America about two young men whose dreams of being professional thieves are disrupted by local authorities and their own incompetence.

ROGER - Male / 18-24 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Roger is the lead in Thievery, he is street smart and charming, inspired and influential, a natural leader. He has big dreams, but may not necessary have all the book smart to make his dreams come true. He is carefree and a little selfish.

WALLY - Male / 18-24 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Wally is a scrawny misfit. He is a loyal and kind friend of Roger's. He is 'not all there', and often his lack of understanding of any given situation gives room for awkward and funny events.

Please submit headshots/resume to mintsintinproductions@gmail.com
That's all I've got. Just passing it along. If you're interested in submitting yourself for these projects, contact the respective emails listed above.

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