chicago mayoral candidate james meeks: women, asians and hispanics "are not people who have been discriminated against"

You've got to be kidding me. Some outrageous dumbassery out of Illinois... State Senator James Meeks is under fire for making controversial comments about race during a radio forum last week: James Meeks: White Women Shouldn't Get Affirmative Action From City.

Meeks, who is a candidate for mayor of Chicago, was talking about the city's programs designed to benefit minority- and women-owned enterprises, which mandate that a certain share of city contracts go to such businesses:
"I think that the word 'minority,' from our standpoint, should mean African-American," Meeks said, as reported by FOX Chicago. "I don't think women, Asians and Hispanics should be able to use that title. That's why our numbers cannot improve, because we use women, Asians and Hispanics, who are not people of color, who are not people who have been discriminated against."

Later, when asked to clarify, he said that the City Hall programs should only stop their set-asides for "white women."
Meeks is apparently no stranger to controversy, previously drawing fire for homophobic and racially charged remarks. Here is the Asian American Institute's response to Meeks' remarks:
The Asian American Institute was outraged at a comment made by State Senator James Meeks stating that Asian Americans, Hispanics and women are not discriminated against in Chicago. "I am appalled by Senator Meeks' statement," said Eric Mah, Vice President of Association of Asian Construction Enterprises. "Contrary to his opinion, we support the inclusion of white women-owned businesses in affirmative action programs. "It is extremely disappointing to hear that a candidate for mayor of Chicago would ever utter such a sentiment. The next mayor needs to represent the city as a whole," said Tuyet Le, executive director, Asian American Institute. "His statement clearly demonstrates he doesn't understand the needs of Asian Americans." Over the past 6 years, Asian American Institute has defended Asian Americans in equal opportunity in public contracting for minorities and women. Research commissioned by Cook County showed that Asian subcontractors received zero dollars during the time period when the courts ruled that Cook County was not allowed to continue its M/WBE program for construction contracts.
Will someone give the man a tin foil medal already? Because he's making a serious run for the Oppression Olympics. He's really going to pull that card? Does he really believe that women, Asians and Hispanics have magically been immune to discrimination? And this guy is running for mayor?

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