the green hornet action figures

Since attending Comic-Con a couple of years ago, I've been on sort of an action figure collecting kick -- particularly action figures depicting Asian characters. Yeah, I'm a dork.

So... I was pleased to hear about these Green Hornet and Kato 12-inch figures by Mezco, produced for the upcoming movie. Available in January, you can pre-order the set right now for $66.99. Or you can get the 6-inch figure set for $24.99. But if those are too much for you...

You could go cheap and get the Green Hornet Kids Meal Toys at Carl's Jr.

UPDATE: MTV Geek chats with Mike Drake, Mezco's Director of Special Projects, who donated Green Hornet and Kato action figure prototypes Museum of the Moving Image: Mezco Donates The Green Hornet Prototype Action Figures to Museum of the Moving Image.

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