holiday single: "a winter song" by emi meyer and the shanghai restoration project

I am really digging "A Winter Song," the new holiday single from Emi Meyer and The Shanghai Restoration Project. I'm a big fan of these two. It's just a happy little tune -- also available in Japanese -- to keep you warm on a frosty winter's day. Take a listen and watch the watercolor music video:

Man, I love Emi's vocals. Put the song in a winter mix, load it up on your iPod, and hop on a sled down a snowy hill. Good times. Both versions of the track are available for download on iTunes. And if you like the winter, you should also check out their previous collaboration, "A Summer Song."

I've been a fan of David Liang and The Shanghai Restoration Project for a long time, but only recently got familiar with Emi Meyer's stuff. Together, they make some pretty wonderful music. For more info, and to hear more tunes, visit The Shanghai Restoration Project website here and Emi Meyer's website here.

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