id film fest survey: what is the best apia feature film of all time?

I recently heard from filmmaker Koji Steven Sakai, one of the guys behind the ID Film Fest, with a special request... Having just wrapped its third year, the festival presents compelling Asian/Asian Pacific Islander Americans works that have not yet had a chance to show in Los Angeles.

They've started to work on the 2011 festival, and are doing something a little different this time. Film fans, they want to know what you think:

What is most significant/impactful/well-made Asian Pacific Islander American feature film of all time? They're asking folks to vote online.

The top film will be invited, along with the filmmakers and key cast and crew, to next year's ID Film Fest. There are so many important and influential APIA films! How can I narrow it down? You can nominate up to three. To cast your vote, fill out the online survey here.

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