man arrested in houston dog poisonings

What the hell? Asians behaving badly... Dog poisoning edition! Seriously. In Houston, a man was arrested for being behind a series of dog poisonings earlier this year in the Rice Military area: Raw: Man suspected of poisoning dogs released from custody.

Qian Feng is accused of leaving cheese balls laced with high levels of strychnine around homes in his neighborhood, causing a number of dogs in the area to become violently ill. He was arrested when a vigilant dog owner caught him in the act on her newly installed security cameras:
Back in July, Charlotte Liberda said her dogs almost died after eating the cheese balls, which were found in her yard.

"One of my dogs fell down and started having a seizure," said Liberda. "Then a second one, then a third got sick, and I immediately knew I had a crisis on my hands."

Her dogs all recovered, but after that incident, Liberda said she installed security cameras on her property.

Several months passed, but on November 12, Liberda said the suspect struck again.

This time, her cameras were ready.

Liberda said the cameras captured images of the suspect putting about 10 cheese balls on her property.

Police later identified the suspect as Feng and arrested him at his home.
Gotcha, sucka! I don't know what the hell compelled this guy to become the neighborhood's self-appointed dog killer. But he's kind of an idiot. Qian Feng has ben charged with a felony count of cruelty to non-livestock animals, and his bond set at $2,000. More here: Qian Feng: Poisoning Dogs Alleged Hobby Of Jackson Hill Man.

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