michelle rhee joins education transition team in florida

What's next for Michelle Rhee, who was recently ousted as chancellor of D.C. public schools? After quite a bit speculation about her next step, Rhee is apparently bringing her skillz to Florida, where she'll join the education transition team of Republican Governor-elect Rick Scott: Michelle Rhee Picks Florida?
Scott said the transition team would help him "find innovative ways to create a new education system for a new economy."

What Michelle brings to public education in Florida, according to Julie Young, President and Chief Executive Officer of Orlando-based Florida Virtual School (FLVS), "is a new perspective and drive for change."

"Michelle was controversial, but she has a clear passion for what is best for kids and making sure kids have the highest quality education and the highest quality teacher," said Young.
While she's joining the education team in Florida, she won't actually be moving to Florida. Details reveal that she'll be staying put in D.C. (where her children still go to school), and will be serving as an unpaid adviser to Scott: What is Michelle Rhee up to in Florida?

Sneaky, sneaky. Just this past Wednesday, Rhee appeared on Comedy Central's Colbert Report and gave no indication she's be joining the transition team in Florida. When asked by Stephen Colbert what she'd be doing next, Rhee replied, "I'm trying to figure out what makes sense right now in terms of a next job." Looks like she figured it out quick.

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