music video: "spacetalk" by my parasol

Check out this cool video of Los Angeles-based electronic/indie pop band My Parasol doing a live performance -- in the forest -- of their song "Spacetalk." I'm told their sound is sometimes called "future pop." I dig it. It's a really nice tune, and a beautifully shot video. Take a look:

Here's a little background behind the video:
This live video of "Spacetalk" was filmed and directed by Daniel Chae on a brisk autumn afternoon. A spot was found about a mile into a wooded area where we lugged all our gear, set up, and jammed away. Daniel and I prepped this video for about a month before we actually shot. Shooting the video in a forest was very intentional. We wanted to explore the idea of recording our sound which is largely electronic, in a very natural uncontrolled setting. As an electronic musician, being without a steady source of power and being under the mercy of the elements is an uncomfortable situation to be in. All we had were the bare essentials and about 3 hours of battery life at best. But we made it happen and the whole experience paid off.
Nicely done. You can download "Spacetalk" as a name-your-price digital track from Bandcamp here. They've also got a pretty cool remix of Clara C's "Wake Up in Neverland" here. And for more information on the music of My Parasol, go to their website here.

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