new york times interviews das racist

Hey, look! It's Himanshu Suri and Victor Vazquez of indie rap group Das Racist getting interviewed in the New York Times magazine: Straight Outta Wesleyan.
Your indie-rap group, Das Racist, is known for songs that wittily riff on Taco Bell, Google and the general limitations of American consumerism. Rap is a black art form that originated in the Bronx, so why, as two Wesleyan graduates who met in college, would you think you could rap?

Himanshu Suri (top): Would you prefer your rappers to be uneducated? Victor Vazquez: And would we even be on the page of this publication if we had not gone to Wesleyan?
If you haven't heard any stuff from Das Racist, they are quite awesome (and pretty damn funny). To learn more and hear some music, visit their website here.

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