oca launches apia u: leadership 101 training - spring 2011

With the goal of promoting civic participation, education, and leadership, OCA has announced the Spring 2011 dates for its APIA U: Leadership 101 Training Program, a one-day training that provides a foundation for students to become more involved on campus and in their community.

During the training, two experienced facilitators guide 40-60 students through hands-on exercises, presentations, and discussions focused on APIA identity and history, leadership skills, and social justice. Participants are asked to challenge themselves, share their experiences and develop leadership tools in order to effectively serve as catalysts for social change.

Here are the training dates:
- University of Florida - January 29, 2011,

- St. Louis University - February 19, 2011

- University of Hawaii at Hilo - February 19, 2011

- University of Southern California - March 5, 2011

- University of Illinois at Chicago - March 12, 2011

- Syracuse University - March 26, 2011

- Mount Holyoke - April 2, 2011

- South Seattle Community College - May 7, 2011
Undergraduate students who are interested in leadership development, civic responsibility, involvement with APA student organizations and networking with other APA student activists are invited to register for APIA U: Leadership 101.

The training is free and meals are provided. For more information, go to the OCA National website here, and to register for upcoming trainings, go here.

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