victoria officially condemns maclean's "too asian" article

The Canadian wrath against Maclean's idiotic "Too Asian" article continues... This week, Victoria became the first municipality in the country to pass a resolution officially condemning those suckas at Maclean's for the article: Victoria condemns Maclean's for 'Too Asian' article.
Victoria is home of Canada's oldest Chinatown and both the city and the rest of Canada "benefit from cultural diversity, especially at our institutions of higher learning," says the resolution. It calls on the magazine to "affirm its support for Canada's vibrant multicultural society."

Put forward by Coun. Charlayne Thornton-Joe, herself Chinese-Canadian, the resolution says the headline "can only be described as offensive and intolerant."

The article says that to some students, an "Asian" school has come to mean one that is so academically focused that some students feel they can no longer compete or have fun.

The article itself "propagates a litany of racial stereotypes and suggests that students of Asian heritage may be limiting opportunities for non-Asians at certain Canadian universities," the resolution's preamble says.
I don't know what kind of impact this resolution will actually have on Macleans, but props to the municipality of Victoria for being proactive about it. That's Canadian condemnation, baby. Meanwhile, the University of Victoria Students' Society is demanding an apology and planning a boycott of Maclean's: UVic students threaten boycott over Maclean's 'Too Asian?' issue.

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