yeah. I'm watching the sing-off. and I ain't afraid to admit it!

Can I just say how much I enjoy NBC's The Sing-Off? As a bit of an a cappella nerd myself, I totally appreciate what they're doing on that show, and this season's groups are pretty phenomenal. At this point in the competition, three nights in, with five groups left, it's really hard to choose a favorite -- the competition is just that strong. (For me, it's probably Committed by a hair.)

That said, I have to show some love for The Backbeats, a super-group composed of a cappella singers from USC and UCLA. Their membership includes Catherine Ricafort, who's had some great solos, and Kenton Chen, who is apparently one of the masterminds behind the group. I've been a fan since episode one (the solo on "If I Were a Boy" was kind of earthshaking.)

Here's The Backbeats' rendition of "Love Shack" they performed last night. After a couple of "serious" performances, it was fun to see Kenton and Co. just kind of let loose. And I mean really let loose.

Yeah, I'm a cheeseball. I'll admit it. The Sing-Off airs Mondays and Wednesdays on NBC. For more information, and to re-watch episodes, go to the NBC website here.

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