aaja response to rush limbaugh's on-air ching chongs

Here's the Asian American Journalists Association's official response to Rush Limbaugh's racist ching chong tirade on his radio show last week. Like you, me, and pretty much everyone else with half a brain here in the 21st century, AAJA was bewildered by Limbaugh's on-air idiocy:
AAJA Responds to Racist Rush Limbaugh Remarks

We can't quite believe our ears. Did Rush Limbaugh really resort to mocking a visiting head of state with a "ching-chong" derision that even children on a playground know not to use?

Frankly, we, at the Asian American Journalists Association, are not sure whether to be more abhorred at Limbaugh's buffoonish antics or feel embarrassed for the man.

Ching-chong, really? In the 21st century? Of a visiting dignitary? In a country that counts among its citizens millions of Asian descent?

If it were our druthers, we would rather ignore Rush Limbaugh and his buffoonish antics. But we, at AAJA, take seriously our duty to call people out when they cross the line. Limbaugh has again crossed the line.

His latest mockery of the Chinese language and culture is an insult not only to visiting Chinese President Hu Jintao, but also to the values we share as Americans. When the leader of one of the largest and most influential countries pays a visit, we should have the decency to pay a little respect.

Limbaugh should know better. Millions listen to his broadcast. His "ching-chong" speech on his Jan. 19 program was just silly, but hardly funny.

AAJA Media Watch Co-chairs,
Bobby Caina Calvan
Jam Sardar
Anybody who grew up Asian in America is all-too familiar with the ching chong (and its variations). As a playground taunt, or even as an adult, it's just one of those dumbass things you encounter sooner or later. Should we really be surprised that it happened on a nationally syndicated radio show? No.

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