apply to the hbs4a's scholarship for nonprofit leaders

Here's a cool opportunity for Asian American leaders in nonprofit... Each year, Harvard Business School hosts a highly-regarded Strategic Perspectives in Non-Profit Management program for individuals working in or interested in non-profit/public management. Cool, right?

What's even cooler is that is that each year, for the last six years, the HBS Asian American Alumni Association provides an annual scholarship to enable folks to attend this excellent opportunity. Last year, they sent Lee Ann Kim, Executive Director of the San Diego Asian Film Foundation:
"My SPNM experience was transformational, and it couldn't have come at a better time for our organization. We just completed an intense strategic planning process to address sustainability, and despite the economy, we had been going through a growth phase. As nonprofit leaders, we get so bogged down with the daily grind, we easily forget "question zero" - why our organization exists in the first place. From the moment I entered my first session at Harvard Business School's SPNM program, I was forced to reflect on our organization's Theory of Change, how we claim to transform people's lies through the Media Arts, and how we measure our mission's social impact. The program was intense and challenging, but also incredibly inspiring to be learning side-by-side with some of the most passionate nonprofit leaders from around the world. I loved our small group sessions, allowing us to "harvest" what we learned and find ways to apply the lessons to our own organizations.

I returned to San Diego with copious notes to share with my staff, board, and stakeholders. Since then, we have already implemented a few ideas as a direct result of the program and continue working on our strategic priorities. I can't thank the HBS Asian American Alumni Association enough for supporting me with this scholarship, especially given the lack of leadership programs for Asian Americans. HBS4A truly leads the way of setting the example of 'paying it forward.'"
This sounds like an awesome opportunity. Applications for the July 2011 program are due by March 1. For more information about Harvard Business School's Strategic Perspectives in Non-Profit Management program, and how to apply for the scholarship, go to the HBS4A website here.

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