a bold and the beautiful fan who really hates asians

I recently heard from actress Stephanie Y. Wang, who has had a recurring role as "Madison" on The Bold and the Beautiful for the last five years. I'm not much of a soap opera watcher, so I wasn't aware of her work, but she did pass along a very interesting message...

Last week, she received this ridiculously racist bit of hate mail from a B&B fan named Rumar who appears to be really unhappy with what Stephanie's character ("people of your type and other foreigners") is up to on the show:
steph wang:

i think what makes me sick in this world, is people of your type and other foreigners. you try to get in the way of having more black-white couples not only on b&b,

but on tv itself. that's what makes it hard to like your type, it really disgusts me. after what both groups have been through, for decades, it seems to me that

people of your type, always seem to prevent that. sure in real life there's couples like that exists, which puts a smile on my face. there's certain things in life that irritates

me, and your ethnicity is one of them, it gives me this uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, just looking at your type. what i'm saying right now, i don't regret, nor should i.

it'll never qualify to an apology, this nation will be so much better, if tv can have more black-white couples, just like in real life. but people of your type, gets in the way of that

and messes it all up. to be more blunt, i'm proud to feel this way, and i love expressing it, with joy.

bold and beautiful fan:

rumar s.

south hill, vriginia
I think it's pretty clear that the sender is an idiot, as someone who is compelled to write to an actress on a freaking soap opera about his hangups over Asians getting "in the way" of black-white couples -- both in TV and in real life. I'm not so sure he has a firm grasp on reality. But you go on hating in your sad little world, dude. (Thanks, Stephanie.)

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