crazy "actress" steals baby from fake casting call

This is one seriously crazy-ass case of baby-napping... Michelle Marie Gopaul, a wannabe singer/actress/famewhore, apparently told friends she was pregnant. She wasn't. This was eventually going to be a problem after nine months -- she had even registered for baby gifts. So... Gopaul's brilliant plan? Steal a baby: Queens actress in 'baby swipe.'

To do that, she needed one hell of a set up. So she put together a Toronto casting call for a baby girl to star in a fake Bollywood movie. When the parents of 1-month-old Roma Patel showed up, Gopaul snuck out the back door with the baby, setting off a four-hour citywide manhunt:
Toronto police said Gopaul placed ads for an infant to "star" in a Bollywood movie. She offered $7,500 for a baby girl "of Indian background."

Parents Viral and Sejal Patel decided to bring Roma.

Several couples turned up for the "auditions."

The Patels arrived around 10 p.m., and Gopaul cooed over the child, then asked if she could take her to a private room to see how she reacted to strangers, the parents told investigators.

Gopaul then sneaked out a back door and whisked the child away in a cab.
Thankfully, police caught Gopaul later that evening when a man called to report seeing her with the child. Gopaul has been charged with child abduction. I guess you're famous now, girl. What a crazy-ass story! Like something you'd see on Law and Order: SVU. More here: Woman accused of snatching baby from fake casting call. (Thanks, Jason.)

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