disabled girl sues philadelphia parking authority for discrimination

In Philadelphia, a 12-year-old, severely disabled girl is suing the city's Parking Authority for denying her a handicapped parking space in front of her home. Salina Sok can't leave her house when the van that transports her isn't able to park out front: Disabled girl sues PPA after denied a handicapped spot.

The authority apparently rejected Sok's application on grounds that she didn't have consent of one of her next-door neighbors. But according to herfederal civil rights lawsuit, the Parking Authority discriminated against Sok, and that no federal or state law mandates a neighbor's consent to determine who can park on a public street.
The authority requires an applicant's home to be 20 feet wide to accommodate a signed parking space. If it isn't, consent of one next-door neighbor is required before a sign can be posted. (The Sok home is 18 feet wide.)

The authority declined to comment on the lawsuit Thursday. The suit seeks unspecified damages, a court order requiring the authority to give the family a reserved parking space and a ruling throwing out the need for a neighbor's consent.

David Ferleger, the Soks' attorney, said the authority acted "irrationally, discriminatorily and without cause" in barring Sok from its reserved-space program.
The lawsuit says Sok requires a reserved parking space for Sok to get on and off her school bus, and for safe transport to medical appointments. Because if a car is parked in front of her home, there's no room for a wheelchair ramp.

This poor girl has permanent brain damage, is unable to walk, communicates through crying, and requires skilled nursing 19 1/2 hours a day, seven days a week. Her mother is a single parent with a full time job. How about having some compassion and giving her the effing parking space?

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