ecaasu 2011 at umass amherst, february 18-20

Students! This is the big one. The East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU), the largest inter-collegiate Asian American student network in the nation, presents its annual conference, ECAASU 2011 on February 18-20 at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

This year's conference theme is B.R.E.A.K.: Bridge, Revitalize, Equality, Action, Knowledge -- with the hope of bridging the past and present by revitalizing the APIA political movement to demonstrate equality for all; actions across color-lines, and sharing knowledge to promote a collective community. Here are some further details:
East Coast Asian American Student Union Conference

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
February 18-20

B.R.E.A.K. (Bridge, Revitalize, Equality, Action, Knowledge)
Bridging the past and present by Revitalizing the APIA political movement to demonstrate Equality for all; Actions across color-lines, and sharing Knowledge to promote a collective community.

In ECAASU 2011 @ UMass Amherst, we hope to create a safe space where attendees can talk about their identity and how it relates to the community. Attendees are encouraged to be true to their words and speak with their hearts, especially if they are talking about problems within the APIA community--we want to understand why, analyze the problems in a local/national scale, and then come up with solutions/next steps to fight for equal representation. In order to build a strong, collective community, we should not be afraid to speak our minds; and that, will hopefully be a way to encourage young activists to step out of their comfort zones and build communities in their hometown across color-lines through empowerment for a stronger sense of identity, and an urgency to improve their communities after attending ECAASU 2011 at UMass Amherst.

For registration prices/schedules, go to: www.ecaasu2011.org
The conference organizers have put together a really exciting program of workshops, speakers and entertainment, featuring some awesome individuals who are doing important and vital work in the APA community. So grab your friends, get yourself organized, and register now (prices go up on February 1).

For further information about the conference, including the full schedule, workshop descriptions, speaker bios and other details about accommodations, etc., go to the ECAASU 2011 website here or the Facebook page here.

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