ed lee calls rush limbaugh "childish, immature and backward"

Fear the 'stache. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee responded Rush Limbaugh's on-air "chong chong" mocking of the Chinese language with some choice words for the right-wing agitator, calling him "childish, immature and backward": Mayor Ed Lee says Rush Limbaugh is "childish, immature and backward".
When asked by reporters, Lee, a former civil rights activist and attorney who defended low-income immigrants before being appointed San Francisco's first Chinese American mayor, said Limbaugh's "ranting and raving continues to reflect that he looks down upon other folks."

Noting the discrimination Chinese and other immigrants have faced in the country, Lee said: "We're welcome to be full Americans."

"I'm not fearful of Rush Limbaugh's comments," Lee said. "I just think it's childish, immature and backward."
Hell yeah, Ed Lee. I think it's pretty clear that Limbaugh has little regard or empathy for those who find his comments disrespectful and dehumanizing, and couldn't possibly wrap his head around the idea that there are fellow Americans who actually speak something other than plain old English.

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