edwin m. lee, future mayor of san francisco

As expected, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 10 to 1 to appoint City Administrator Ed Lee as interim mayor. However, the decision is not official until Mayor Gavin Newson steps down and is sworn in to his new job as California lieutenant governor: Supervisors vote 10-1 to make Ed Lee mayor.
Newsom has refused to resign until the new Board of Supervisors with four new members is sworn in at noon Saturday. The new board is scheduled to vote Tuesday on Newsom's successor, who will fill out the year remaining on his term. As for Lee's chances to get the nod from the new board, he has it all but locked up.

Seven of the supervisors who voted in favor of Lee today will still be on the board Tuesday, providing the majority Lee would need to get the job even without their new colleagues.

His selection would be historic: Lee would would be the first Asian American to serve as mayor in San Francisco.
History in the making! More here: City Board Names First Asian Mayor of San Francisco. Ed Lee apparently has his share of supporters -- and they have a sense of humor. This link recently came my way, and it had me cracking up: Edwin M. Le, Future Mayor of San Francisco. Lots of compelling reasons why Ed Lee is awesome.

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