far east movement: still climbing, flyin' high

Here's a recent USA Today profile on our friends, the red-hot electro-dance act Far East Movement, whose hit single "Like a G6" has already conquered the airwaves, and whose current single "Rocketeer" is climbing the charts fast: On the verge: Far East Movement flies 'Like a G6.'
Dressed for success: Don't let the album's party-hearty lyrics rendered by the four singers fool you. The high school friends — Kev Nish (Kevin Nishimura, 27), Prohgress (James Roh, 26), J Splif (Jae Choung, 27) and DJ Virman (Virman Coquia, 27) — have a tireless work ethic. When they're not ruling the VIP section of Los Angeles' nightclubs, they're churning out updates on their website and social media pages. Often, they attend morning business meetings still wearing the suits they wore the night before. "Sometimes we don't have time to change by morning, so it's easier just to spray on some Febreze and hide our eyes with sunglasses," says Prohgress, who may be only partly jesting. "Plus, wearing suits impresses the ladies."
I've said this before, but I think this passage perfectly encapsulates why Far East Movement deserves all the attention and success they've achieved thus far -- nobody works as hard as FM. They do not rest. That's the kind of work ethic that gets your music on the mainstream charts.

By the way, have you seen FM rocking the cover of the latest issue of Hyphen? Great profile. For more information and updates on Far East Movement and their music, check out FM's website here.

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