job announcement: deputy director, asian american justice center

Just passing this along... The Asian American Justice Center in Washington D.C. is looking to hire a Deputy Director, a senior-level staff person leading important initiatives and working with other senior-level management on day-to-day management (with an emphasis on program guidance and institutional capacity building), fundraising and relationship building. He are some details about the job's key roles and responsibilities:
Implement the co-branding vision and goals by working with affiliates and AAJC staff and board and providing staffing for the development of the co-brand.

* Design, plan and manage how the co-brand is implemented. Keep progress on track.
* Build strong relationships and communication among the affiliates of the co-brand and between the affiliates and AAJC staff and board.
* Coordinate the co-branding work with that of AAJC staff on programs, communications and development.

Fundraising and public relations

* Manage and develop relationships with key external stakeholders and partners ranging from civil rights groups, Capital Hill players, law firms, key funders and donors.
* Attend meetings around the country to represent AAJC, as appropriate.

Staff and leadership development and programmatic management oversight

* Assist in leading the Management Team.
* Manage internal decision-making processes to ensure programmatic and cobranding activities interface effectively with other internal departments and affiliates.
* Act as a day-to-day thought partner and support to the Executive Director.
* Together with Management Team colleagues, ensure AAJC uses effective staff management practices. Provide leadership as acting Executive Director in the absence of Executive Director.
I figure there's got to be one or two people reading this who might be interested and qualified in this job. For more details on the position, including required/desired qualifications and how to apply, view the full job listing here. For more information on the Asian American Justice Center, go to the AAJC website here.

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