kids harassing chinese laundry owner in gerritsen beach, ny

Got this link sent to me from a community blog covering news out of Gerritsen Beach, New York. According to residents, a group of local youth have made it a daily habit of harassing and vandalizing a laundromat -- specifically targeting the owner because she's Chinese: Roving Teens Target Gerritsen Ave Laundromat Daily.
We have received numerous reports that our local youth have been harassing the owner White Wave Laundromat (2690 Gerritsen Ave) on Gerritsen Avenue on a daily basis. This may have been due to the recent school week off but nevertheless the laundromat seems to be a timeless target for vandals. The vandals are closing the security gates (essentially locking everyone inside) and throwing objects into the store and at the owner. People are worried that this may be a potential hate crime in the making because the owner is a Chinese woman and the vandalism does not happen when others are manning the store.
The harassment and vandalism doesn't happen when other employees are working there. The Chinese woman apparently "gets crazy" and these punk ass kids get a laugh out of it. Hate crime in the making? Hell, seems to me, it's already a hate crime. (Thanks, Vance.)

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