more robberies targeting asian american community

Some news out of New York... In Poughkeepsie, authorities are warning residents about a series burglaries in Westchester County and Stamford, Connecticut apparently targeting Asian Americans -- mirroring a similar string of burglaries reported last summer: Cops: Burglaries near NYC target Asians, like local string over summer.
There have been no recent reports of similar incidents in Dutchess County, but over the summer town police investigated a string of burglaries involving victims with Asian surnames. Five burglaries were reported in June and July in a large housing development off Spackenkill Road, town Police Chief Thomas Mauro said.

There were 10 additional burglaries in nearby towns, including East Fishkill, Union Vale, LaGrange, Beekman and Wappinger involving victims with Asian surnames. In most cases, thieves took cash, jewelry and identification documents, Mauro said.

Similar thefts have occurred elsewhere in the greater New York area. Most incidents took place during the daytime when residents were not at home, he said.
According to police, there has been an ongoing investigation involving a ring targeting the Asian American community, believed to be operating in the greater New York area. If you or your family live in Poughkeepsie and the surrounding communities, please spread the word and be vigilant.

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