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Our friends at Hyphen are looking to the future, in their ongoing pursuit ("better, faster, and stronger") of becoming the greatest Asian American magazine ever. But to do this, they need to hear from you, their readers.

Can you help them out? Take the magazine's annual reader survey, drop some valuable feedback, and you could win some cool prizes, including an iPod Nano. Read on:

Take a few minutes to complete our annual reader survey HERE for your chance to win some awesome swag, including an iPod Nano. Every year we conduct an exam on Hyphen magazine to determine how we can best serve YOU, the precious reader. Like any super organization (self-designated, but we know you feel the same way), we like to take our temperature during the exam to make sure we are continuing to build Hyphen better, faster, and stronger. Your responses will help us take our pulse and make sure our holiday feasts haven’t slowed us down as we jump into the Year of the Rabbit!

Thank you in advance and please forward to other fellow Hyphen lovers for us!
If you appreciate and support Hyphen, then take the Reader Survey here. Better yet, if you want to help Hyphen continue the good work they're doing, you can make an online donation by joining the Overachievers' Club here.

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