what I'm listening to: the effect by decipher

Philadelphia-based emcee Decipher, aka Danny Chung, just dropped his album The Effect. And it's pretty damn good. He's a hell of a lyricist, and the guy can spit. If you want to hear some solid, gritty hip hop and doesn't pull any punches, give it a listen.

I'll be honest, I actually wasn't too familiar with Decipher's music before getting my hands on The Effect, but you know I had to sit up and listen when a guy drops a track called "Angry Asian Man" feat. Manifest & DJ Zo:

For obvious reasons, it's one of my favorite tracks on the album. Believe it or not, I'm told that this track was actually inspired by me (or this blog). Flattery aside, I think that's really friggin' cool.

Here's the music video for "The Introduction," the first track off the album:

Decipher's got some backround about the video and the song:
The video was shot completely in Philadelphia. We could’ve done the stereotypical Art Museum, skyline shots but we wanted to showcase a grittier Philadelphia, a realer Philadelphia. There’s no hook on this song, just over 2 minutes of straight rapping. The song is really just me airing out what I need to before I can go on with the rest of the album. This first track off the album releases some tension and then it’s smooth sailing for the rest of The Effect.
The Effect features guest appearances from the likes of Dumbfoundead, Jay Park, Lyricks, Manifest, Ailee, Sam Ock and more. You can preview and purchase the album as a digital download on Bandcamp here. You can also order a physical copy of The Effect here. For more information on Decipher and his music, go to this website here.

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