[10 angry years] free download: "birthday wish" by emi meyer & the shanghai restoration project

This is so awesome. Believe it or not, this year -- later this month, actually -- marks the 10th anniversary of this blog. I have a hard time believing it myself.

To celebrate the occasion, my friend Dave Liang of The Shanghai Restoration Project collaborated with singer/songwriter Emi Meyer to record a special, super-cool "birthday song" for all of you to enjoy: BIRTHDAY WISH. Here's a little video message they recorded about the track:

This was a complete surprise -- I had no idea they'd do this. But I'm totally honored, and I love it. As a gift to you, good readers, "Birthday Wish" is available as a free download throughout the month of February. Get it here.

It's a heartfelt track from two artists I really love and respect. They make great tunes! For more information about Emi Meyer and her music, go to her official website here. For more information about Dave Liang and The Shanghai Restoration Project, check out his official website here.

Thank you, Emi and Dave.

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