2011 cause leadership academy

Another great opportunity for college students... The Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment (CAUSE) is currently accepting applications for the 2011 CAUSE Leadership Academy, a program dedicating to developing the leadership skills of college students who are interested in exploring a career in public office, public service or community advocacy.

Previous students have been selected from Ivy League schools, the University of California system, community colleges and local high schools. Graduates of the program have gone on to run for elected office, work as legislative staff or work in the nonprofit sector. Students with an interest in APA affairs, leadership development, community service or politics are encouraged to apply. Here are some more details:
This eight-week leadership academy, running from June 20 to August 12, will develop:

* Political awareness and civic engagement
* Understanding of the legislative process
* Insight on issues related to the APA community
* Professional and leadership qualities
* Public speaking and presentation skills
* Interview and social etiquette
* Organizational and cooperative working skills

As part of this intensive eight-week leadership academy, CAUSE interns will:

* Receive internship placement in the offices of elected officials.
* This opportunity affords interns a unique hands-on experience in the legislative process, policy knowledge and constituent outreach.
* Gain access to and insight from civic leaders through leadership workshops and seminars.
* Interns receive leadership training from elected officials and community leaders; meet and learn from assemblymembers and state senators in Sacramento, and get a firsthand, inside perspective of how the government functions.
* Participate in local APA community events.
* Interns act as liaisons between community and government, and gain a deeper understanding of the issues that affect their communities and the APA community.
A $1,000 stipend will also be given to interns upon successful completion of the program. The deadline to submit your application is April 15. For further information about the CAUSE Leadership Academy, including program requirements, desired qualifications, and how to get started with the application process, go to the CAUSE website here.

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