2011 oca scholarship program

Students! I know you're out there. An opportunity for you... OCA is now accepting scholarship applications for the 2011-2012 academic year. High school seniors and college students who are currently in their sophomore/junior year are encouraged to apply for the 2011 OCA Scholarship Program. Here's the announcement blurb with some more information:
OCA now accepting applications for the 2011 Scholarship Program!

OCA understands the importance of supporting the next generation of Asian Pacific Americans (APA) and hosts a number of leadership development programs designed specifically for APA youth. Based on the belief that education is a process that begins at birth and continues throughout one's life, OCA's programs aim to create a solid foundation from which our youth can grow. 

Since 1993, OCA has been! providing assistance to deserving APA students to pursue thei! r dreams of a higher education through the OCA Scholarship Program. Recognizing the lack of resources and access to quality education for underserved APA students, OCA has partnered with foundations that are committed in providing educational opportunities to their communities and the future generation of APA leaders.
Because you could always use a little more cash for school, right? The application deadline for OCA Scholarships is Monday, April 4. For further information, including application and eligibility requirements, go to the OCA National website here.

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